“When I sing and create my music, the walls around me disappear. There are no barriers and no problems. It feels like paradise. As soon as I stop, the walls are there again.”

Henry /7EVER/ Lipatov


Checkout our music video for the song “STONE” featuring Miss Eurasia 2014 Victoria Snisarenko. Enjoy and share it with your friends!



Their true story begins in America, in the city of Angels.
But Henry Lipatov & Konstantin Sukhonosov met in 2010 in Kiev, Ukraine. During that time, Henry was performing with the group NoraLasso & Konstantin was traveling with Skryabyn. They have each toured throughout the Ukraine putting on memorable shows that captivated audiences throughout venues and on many tours performing over 250 concerts per year.
After losing contact for over 5 years – they met again in Los Angeles in Dec 2015 and decided to experiment with a different direction of electronic music.
Henry and Konstantin have created authentic music from their heart. Each word, each sound, each feeling – has been produced from the love of their heart. Young & fashionable; 7Ever is magnetic with their unique taste of electronic sounds, accompanied with deep vocals and sensitive lyrics – their music connects with people on each continent around the world. They create to make the world a better place through the heart of music.